Taylored Dots

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Now sit down….. as the talent I’m about to share is absolutely incredible……


Kreo Home and I are so proud to have such an amazing talent on board the ‘Local is the new black campaign’! ………Introducing the Victorian based, self-taught, creative illustrator  Donna Taylor, the woman behind Taylored Dots’.

She has a unique talent for a drawing technique known as ‘stippling’ or ‘pointillism’ ….in basic terms, she is obsessed with drawing in dots, using only a fine liner…yep those black fine liners!  Some-one throw this woman a sponsorship please!

Donna believes that ‘the detail of a drawing is down to the final dot’, as she ‘freehand dots’ the authentic faces of many people and animals from around the world. 



Drawing in this style is something that she initially did in ‘secret’ as a creative outlet. She said her husband ‘outed’ her on social media…. I’d just say he was very proud of his amazing wife, and the rest is history! Donna was so inspired by the lovely comments and feedback, that her business continued to grow from strength to strength.  I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty happy that her husband decided to share the amazing talent of his wife with us!

 Her personal favourite pieces are ‘Indian Chief’ and ‘African Goddess’.

‘The Indian Chief ‘ was her first piece, which took over 4 years on and off to complete….and if you look at the intricacy of her work you will understand why!



The African Goddess’ is another favourite of hers… just stunning. It turned out just the way she envisioned. It was created during a very challenging time in her life and is very dear to her heart….I have no favourites….I just love them all!


Donna has an amazing eye for detail, admits she’s a bit of a perfectionist, and can be very hard on herself, I think we are all guilty of that from time to time.  She often has a vision of ‘how’ the piece is going to look and feel in her mind before the creating even begins.

Donna draws to relax…..it’s a huge outlet for hers and she really enjoys her own ‘me-time’. Some of us clean, run or cook, she draws……keep drawing Donna, your works are amazing!


 She draws her inspirations from different cultures around the world, this is a big focus of her work. A lot of her followers love animals, so she tends to draw a lot of them, her daughter loves them too! It such a great subject matter I think, that can be used around your entire home.


Look at that picture wall below, isn’t it’s incredible! Featuring framed works of ‘African Goddess’,  ‘Ellie the Elephant’ & ‘Leo the Lion’, stunning!


(Pic Above : Framing By Forman Picture Framing, Styling by Janita McMahon from Calamity Jane Interiors & Mel Turner from Recipes for Design.  – all on IG as well.)

She prints her illustrations onto paper, wood, gift cards, phone covers and is now also collaborating with a children’s wear designer ‘Frankie and Lola’ to bring you a range of illustrated kids tees…how exciting!

Donna is a huge lover of ‘design’ and ‘illustration’ and intends on bringing her works onto cushions, canvas totes and canvases in the near future.



Love, love your work Donna!


X Kelly


Website: www.tayloreddots.bigcartel.com / & online retailers

Facebook: (Taylored Dots)

Instagram: (@tayloreddots_illustrations)

 (All images provided by Donna Taylor)

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