Goosebumps SS 16 - Pac Mate Kids Range

The NEW ‘Dreamcatcher’ range from Goosebumps

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I first introduced you to ‘Goosebumps’, after their launch in Summer 2014.  Since it’s inception, the brands founder Inga Rodd, has quickly established ‘Goosebumps’ as a coveted boutique bedding brand in Australia and internationally.

Inga has always had a love of fashion, colour, and interior décor, and felt there was a gap in the market for unique ‘out of the box’ bedding, while at home with her 2 ½ year old twin boys.  With a business background in fashion and retail / wholesale trade, her prior knowledge propelled her to ‘jump in head first and it give it a crack.’

The ‘Goosebumps’ range has stood out from the crowd ever since it hit the market with it’s bold, fun designs, keeping each new collection fresh and on point! The designs boast a colourful palette, full of fun and sense of adventure.

Inga admits she LOVES the design process, and may ‘secretly be a frustrated fashion designer’… never know!  She acts on ideas, and is often asked when she will start her own fashion label or design sleepwear…. now there’s some food for thought for the future.

She loves the flexibility of  working from home that allows her to be with her young family, and occasionally take advantage of a quick walk or cheeky pilates class to break up the day.

Goosebumps SS 16 Range - Birdwatch Adults Range

Goosebumps SS 16 Range – Birdwatch Adults Range

Goosebumps SS 16 - Down Face Dog Adults Range

Goosebumps SS 16 – Down Face Dog Adults Range

The Dreamcatcher SS16 range

This collection is all about nature and nostalgia as you can see. It denotes an idyllic past era that was happy and peaceful. Designs follow a pattern that is whimsical, yet edgy and echo the past in our modern day world, such memories evoked from an idyllic childhood with endless aspirations.

Dreamcatcher … let it take you on a trip into the magical land of foraging Lady-bugs who rule the forest floor, Frogs in a pond, Plucky pelicans and Baa Baa the black sheep.

I’m loving the  NEW designs,  particularly the gorgeous cockatoo print “Birdwatch” …and how good is “Down Face Dog” for all the yoga lovers.  Inga hopes the range will ‘evoke a sense of comfort and nostalgia, not to mention flexibility!’

Again, the entire range is designed as separates to mix, match & switch around….there are no rules to the amount of adventure & energy you can bring into your bedroom!

With this collection, ‘Goosebumps’ have expanded their range into bassinet sheets, a stunning round super quilted play mats and children’s novelty cushions such as Billie, Toasted and Lady-bug Love. With bold bedding designs from bassinet to king sizes, ‘Goosebumps’ has it covered.

There may also be a couple of other projects on the go…so stay tuned!

Goosebumps SS 16 - Plucky Pelican Range

Goosebumps SS 16 – Plucky Pelican Range

Goosebumps SS 16 Range - Billie Cot Range

Goosebumps SS 16 Range – Billie Cot Range

Goosebumps SS 16 - Lady Bug Love Range

Goosebumps SS 16 – Lady Bug Love Range

Inga has packed a punch, when it comes to designs, since releasing her first range.   She has admiration for the creative leaders and aspirational stories of everyday people (mums in particular) realizing their dreams, just like her!   She loves catching up with other likeminded creatives from the industry when she has a spare moment, but these are few and far between when designing her ranges.  With the demands of running her business, and juggling family time, she admits she’d love to be able to spend more time catching up with family, friends…and Offspring of course!

‘Goosebumps’ loves good collaboration and reading blogs to finding what new exciting brands and projects may be on the horizon! Her tips for business success in such a competitive market are to ‘be original, stick to what you do best, be kind to everyone you meet and don’t be afraid to ask questions back yourself 100% and take a leap of faith as it may just pay off!’

I asked Inga to also finish these sentences….just for fun…

The best day of the week is…Saturday as it’s an opportunity to un-plug from the world and enjoy family/friends time and wine! 

My dream holiday destination is Mexico. This would be a strictly adults only vacay Margarita’s, sun, guacamole with a mountain of corn chips and best mates! Olay. Take me there.

My biggest ‘pinch me’ moment has been ….When people and businesses I admire follow me on Instagram like Inside Out Magazine or Mister Zimi. These are small victories, but mean the most to me.

The best advice I have ever received is….Listen to your gut, stick in your lane and go for gold…(I really like that one!)

What I’m reading is….Six By Eight by Madeline West

My ultimate indulgence is….Potato or hot chips in any flavour. Heck, any style of potato really. Love my spud! Jums chips and gravy in Anglesea is pretty high up on the list of awesomeness!


This beautiful ‘Goosebumps’ Dreamcatcher range was styled by  Bek Sheppard and photographed by Kristoffer Paulsen.

Visit the GOOSEBUMPS website here, and follow on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated.

‘Goosebumps’ won’t be at Life Instyle or other trade fairs in Melbourne this August,  but you can contact Inga direct via email : to find out more about this stunning range!


( Main picture : Goosebumps SS 16 – Pac Mate Kids Range.)

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